Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub Review!

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Day to life men's is exposing to the polluted environment that directly affects their skin which causes skin problems, increases the sweat and oil secretion that leads to clogged pores. Men also need to maintain their overall look and glow. For their skin problems, oiliness, dead skin cells, skin dryness, Today, I'll be reviewing the Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub for you all which is newly introduced. Stay tuned to know my thoughts. 
 Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub Review!
NAME OF THE PRODUCT:  Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub.

PRICE: Rs. 240 for 100 grams.

AVAILABILITY: Available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.

PRODUCT CLAIMS: Get fresh, brighter skin with Qraa's Activated Charcoal Scrub specially formulated for Men. This detoxifying charcoal scrub delivers a deep-pore clean. Its natural charcoal draws out the dirt and excess oil that can clog pores.
 Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub Review!

DIRECTION FOR USE: Take an appropriate quantity of scrub on palm then message all over the skin to remove dirt and oil. Rinse well and towel dry. 
 Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub Review!

It has ingredients like Clove Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Bees Wax, Emulsifying Wax, Scrub Particles, Water and Activated Charcoal.

My hubby's skin had clogged pores due to which blackheads and acne problems turned up, after which he used Qraa Men Activated Charcoal scrub for a week and it showed the effective results that I was hoping for. It showed an instant brightening effect leaving the skin smooth. It draws the dead cells and removes excess oil. It also deep cleanse the skin and polishes it. It claims to have activated charcoal which deep cleanses the skin and removes dirt, making the skin smoother. It also polishes the skin to leave it soft and supple. Its a weapon for dead cells and brittle skin. Removing dirt from the skin, it has a brightening effect on the skin.. It has essential ingredients which work miraculously well:
 Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub Review!

  • Tea tree oil: It treats acne because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which leave the skin smooth.
  • Beeswax: It fights for chapped skin.
  • Activated charcoal: It helps to pull out the excess oil from your skin, leaving it clean and smooth.

PACKAGING: The packaging of it includes a black tube with a flip cap. There is a bearded man printed on the black tube that would indicate a man with smooth skin. The details of the scrub are also mentioned on the tube. The packaging is quite travel-friendly which makes it easy to carry it around. 

SHADE, CONSISTENCY & FRAGRANCE: The Qraa Men Activated Charcoal scrub is of thick and creamy consistency with scrub particles in it. The creamy texture is of black shade with a charcoal odour. The consistency of the scrub is perfect enough on the skin without feeling too harsh.
 Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub Review!

RESULTS: Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub effective for acne problems, blackheads and drying of skin. It's a non-drying lather that removes the impurities. It also exfoliates the dead cells that transform the hard skin to smooth and flawless skin. Its effective at removing excess oil from skin.

  1. Enhances your natural beauty.
  2. Adds an instant glow to the skin. 
  3. Travel-friendly packaging
  4. Easy to use.
  5. Highly effective. 
  6. Scrub is not too harsh.
  7. Non-drying formula
  8. Exfoliates the dead cells.
  9. Travel-friendly packaging. 

  1. Not available offline.
 Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub Review!


In today's polluted environment, it's a must for a man to use this Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub for to maintain a healthy look and glow. It helps in skin problems as well as gives instant whitening. The consistency is something which seemed perfect to me, particularly because most scrubs have a drying effect on the skin. My hubby follows this product with a good moisturizer and it works amazingly for him. Moreover, he can carry it to his office and use it if he feels like his skin is dull. 
 Qraa Men Activated Charcoal Scrub Review!

IBN RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend this. Get this for your boyfriend/husband/father or basically any man in your life. Trust me, they need this in their lives!

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