Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!

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   Hair removal is a pain. While I haven't tried waxing down there, I have tried shaving and what not. You name it - shaving, depilatory creams, trimmers for women. Been there, done that. Shaving does leave pointy and prickly hair but it's definitely one of the easiest and quickest methods out there. Depilatory creams are something I refrain from trying because some say that they cause itchiness to sensitive skin and darken the area. I picked up the Everteen Hair Remover Creme even though my mind screamed no. Today I'll be reviewing it for you all! 
Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Everteen Hair Remover Creme.


AVAILABILITY: Available on Amazon, Flipkart and othwr websites.
Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!

PRODUCT CLAIMS: everteen Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line is specially designed for sensitive skin areas like bikini line, underarms/ armpits and upper/ lower lips. It is formulated with 100% natural chamomile extracts. With the unique No Harsh Smell formula of everteen, your bikini line gets soft, gentle and effective cleaning without any itching or irritation. It effectively removes hair in just 5 minutes without skin burning to provide you a soft & smoother bikini line. Your intimate area has a very tender skin and shaving it with razor can be very dangerous in terms of bloody cuts, ingrown hairs or razor bumps. Most of the women who shave bikini line hair experience itching and a stubbly feeling with rashes & irritation. 
Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!

   The other problem with shaving is that hair grows back very quickly, and you may have to deal with the risk of ingrown hair, skin burns, nicks and razor cuts. With everteen Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line, there is no such risk of shaving pain and scarring battle. Other normal hair remover creams are meant for other body parts which tend to have relatively harder hair, and therefore they may contain harsh chemicals to remove hair from those parts. However, everteen Crème Hair Remover Bikini Line is formulated especially for sensitive intimate skin areas and does not contain any harsh chemicals. It also does not cause skin darkening.
Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!

DIRECTION FOR USE: Do a patch test before applying Everteen Crème. Apply Everteen Crème at the small skin area and wait for some time. If you don’t notice any allergy or irritation then proceed for the complete hair removal as per the below directions. In case you experience irritation or an unexpected reaction, please don’t use Everteen Crème. Apply on the desired area and remove after the given amount of time.
Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!

INGREDIENTS LIST: Ewax, Camomile, Cetanol, Liquid Paraffin, EDTA, Glycerine etc.
Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!

Being an all natural brand, Everteen ensures that the Hair remover comes without any side effects. It ensures that the stubble-like feeling and the prickly texture is something you don't face when you try this hair remover. This one has a natural formula which is why it ensures that your intimate area doesn't get darkened or discolored after the application. It also has glycerine which nourishes the skin and keeps it soft and supple. 
Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!

The pack includes coin-sized towels, the tube of the hair remover and a spatula for easy application. The tube ensures that you get the right amount of product every single time. It also ensures that the product remains fresh after every use. The spatula is extremely handy and the shape ensures that the product is applied liberally. 
Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!

CONSISTENCY & FRAGRANCE: The consistency is creamy which makes it easy to apply the hair remover. It spreads easily on the area without causing a mess. The creamy consistency also ensures that the desired area is covered completely. The no harsh smell formula ensures that there is no smell of chemicals left afterwards. Thw chamomile extracts ensure that your skin is well-nourished. 
Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!

RESULTS: The product leaves your skin smooth. It doesn't cause any itchiness or skin reactions. In fact, I feel that the product is quite gentle on the skin and removes the hair. Although I have a feeling that it takes longer than usual hair removers because of the natural formula. But that's exactly what makes it favorable. I did a patch test beforehand which is why I was sure that it wouldn't damage the skin. 
Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!

  1. Quick, hassle-free hair removal. 
  2. No itchiness. 
  3. No harsh smell. 
  4. Smooth consistency. 
  5. Doesn't darken the skin.
  6. Budget-friendly. 
  7. Handy applicator and coin towels. 
  8. Hygienically packed. 
  9. Easy to use. 
  10. Ensures that the skin feels nourished.
  11. Perfect for all skin types. 
  12. Travel-friendly.
Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!



Everteen Hair Remover Creme is extremely effective in removing hair in the matter of minutes. The natural formula is gentle on the skin and ensures that it's light enough to not cause any damage. The coin-towels included in the pack ensure that the removal is easy and fuss-free. There is no chemical-like scent which is a major plus point for me. Overall, it's a good product at a budget-friendly price. 
Everteen Hair Remover Creme Review!

IBN RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend it to women who want to remove hair faster and with the help of a natural product. 

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