Hey Beautiholics!    Hair removal is a serious issue that many women face. Not only does it affect the appearance of women but it also ...

NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!

April 08, 2019 Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hey Beautiholics!

   Hair removal is a serious issue that many women face. Not only does it affect the appearance of women but it also takes a toll on their confidence as well. Plucking, waxing, threading, and not to forget, our darling razors - all of these become a woman's best friend, albeit causing pain in one way or another. Today's post is going to be about one such product that I came across which aims at removing unwanted hair permanently and works well on both, the face and the body. I'm talking about the NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor.
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!
NAME OF THE PRODUCT: NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor.

PRICE: 1499 INR.

AVAILABILITY: Available on Amazon and other outlets.
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!

   The next generation formula of NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor targets the roots of hair shaft and deactivates the hair bulb activities responsible for hair growth. NEUD penetrates to the level of hair follicle sac and restricts the growth of unwanted body hair. NEUD is a painless method for getting rid of unwanted body hair and it can be used by both men and women. NEUD is formulated with 100% natural ingredients and plant extracts, and is absolutely safe for all skin types.
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!
   NEUD should be applied after every hair removal session. After each session of applying NEUD, your hair will grow slower and thinner, leading to a permanent reduction in hair growth.
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!

INGREDIENTS LIST: Key Ingredients include Sunflower Oil, Papaya & Glycerine. Full ingredients list not mentioned. 
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!
   Before moving ahead, I wanna make it clear that I've been guilty of using all sorts of methods to remove hair. Sometimes, my hormones would trigger leading to a lot of hair around my chin but hey, it's all natural. I tried waxing, threading, razors for women (yep, they're a thing) and even bleach. Waxing seems to the most painful of them all. I even considered laser but given the side effects and the fact that its so expensive that it would leave me penniless gave me the fright. Natural Hair Inhibitor claims to give you freedom from these painful methods of hair removal. So far, I was impressed with the 100% natural ingredient's list. It works by going deep into the hair follicle sacs and stopping the growth of the unwanted facial or body hair. The advanced formulation is perfect for hair growth reduction of unwanted body hair on face, chin, underarms, bikini line area and other parts. 
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!

   NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor comes in a pump packaging which ensures that hygiene is maintained during every single use. The packaging is very handy and quite sturdy.  It also ensures that you get enough amount of product. It looks very classy to me and quite travel-friendly, given that the product wouldn't leak at all. It's enclosed in outer cardboard packaging which is quite sturdy and classy too.
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!

   The product is very lightweight and it's almost like a lotion. The hair needs to be waxed beforehand to open the pores and then needs to be applied. The consistency is very smooth and it instantly gets absorbed. The shade is almost a pale yellow and reminds me of vanilla custard but once it's applied, it becomes clear.The fragrance is mild and floral. 
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!
   While the results will vary from person to person, you can actually see a significant reduction in hair growth. Some people have thicker and black hair which will take a while to become thin and lighter. Furthermore, the formula is suitable for both men and women. Since it deactivates the hair bulbs, they are either very light and easily manageable or vanish altogether. It delays future hair growth and is the go-to method for effortless hair removal. So far, I'm seeing appealing results. Around the chin area, the hair are very light and almost gone. They are not prickly either which is why I think it is working well. It has definitely minimised the number of times I need to wax or opt for threading. I love how my skin remains smooth for a longer duration.
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!
  1. Reduction in hair growth.
  2. Painless. 
  3. Sweet, mild scent. 
  4. Smooth and glowing skin. 
  5. All natural ingredients. 
  6. Suitable for all skin types. 
  7. Perfect for both men and women. 
  8. Easily available. 
  9. Easy to apply. 
  10. Creamy consistency. 
  11. Travel-friendly. 
  12. Hygienically packaged. 
  13. Fast and efficient results.
  14. Cost-effective as compared to laser and frequent waxing. 
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!

  1. Full list of ingredients not mentioned. 

NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor works very well to reduce hair growth permanently and performs efficiently as an alternative to painful methods of hair removal. There are no side effects as the ingredients are all natural. It works well on delicate areas of the skin and stops or restricts growth in these areas. Costing only 1499 INR, it is quite cost-effective and can help you save a huge chunk of money which would otherwise be spent on expensive laser sittings and waxing. It's pocket-friendly and can halt hair growth if used correctly. So far, I'm seeing attractive results as it has softened the prickly hair to a great extent. The travel-friendly packaging adds to the entire experience as well. The formulation is very gentle and works well for sensitive skin as well. 
NEUD Natural Hair Inhibitor Review!

IBN RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend it to those suffering from prickly hair. This one can be a life-saver.

Your Beauty Fanatic!

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