Hey Lovelies,  I'm all up for hair care. I feel that a lot of people neglect their hair and use any kind of shampoo or hair care pro...

Nature Sure Jonk Oil Review!

June 04, 2019 Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hey Lovelies, 
I'm all up for hair care. I feel that a lot of people neglect their hair and use any kind of shampoo or hair care products without looking at the long list of chemicals that go into them. As a result, a majority of us are facing hair loss. In fact, since we're unable to get pure, natural ingredients, it's almost impossible to maintain and have long luscious hair. Today, I'll be reviewing the Nature Sure Jonk Oil which is a unique and amusing product because of the fact that it is actually Leech Oil. Sounds shocking? Let's jump into the review and find out how it works.

Nature Sure Jonk Oil Review!
NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Nature Sure Jonk Oil - Leech Oil.


AVAILABILITY: Available on Amazon, Nykka and several other websites.
Check https://naturessure.com/

PRODUCT CLAIMS: Jonk Oil (Leech Oil) by Nature Sure is a natural and effective therapy for hair loss and other hair related problems. Benefits of jonk (leech) therapy in managing persistent hair problems have been well-documented in Ayurveda, one of the oldest traditional systems that originated in the Indian sub-continent over 5000 years ago. Regular use of Jonk Oil (Leech Oil) prevents hair loss, and nourishes scalp and hair shafts. Jonk (Leech) oil is also known for other benefits that enhance vitality in life. With Nature Sure, you get the surety of pure, high-quality ingredients that work to deliver the promised results.
Nature Sure Jonk Oil Review!

DIRECTION FOR USE: Apply with with your fingertips directly onto your scalp and massage.

Nature Sure Jonk Oil Review!

When I first heard the name, I was quite disgusted but at the same time, I wanted to try it. The oil is easily available across a number of websites at an affordable price. It is a natural solution for alopecia and excessive hair loss. 
Nature Sure Jonk Oil Review!

The packaging is securely and safely packed and sealed. It comes in a greenish bottle which is translucent and allows you to see how much of the product is left. The oil can last you for about 2 months if you have medium-long hair and oil them every 3 days. The product is hygienically packed. You can carry it with ease, given the compact size.
Nature Sure Jonk Oil Review!

The oil is a mild yellow one in color and has an oily consistency. It is easily absorbed into the scalp and facilitates in hair regrowth. The scent is something that put me off instantly, it is a really strong and pungent smell which can be extremely irritating for some. This also indicates that natural ingredients have gone into the oil.  The oil spreads easily and get absorbed into the scalp and is non-greasy.
Nature Sure Jonk Oil Review!

RESULTS:  It really helps you to get rid of split ends and also achieve smooth and long hair. The oil can definitely help reverse the signs of baldness and help in the growth of new hair. It is quite effective in alopecia. I have noticed that my hair are now healthier and look nourished. It does decrease dandruff and get rid of lice, if you have any.
Nature Sure Jonk Oil Review!

  1. Keeps the hair strong, long and shiny. 
  2. Prevents hair loss
  3. Nourishes the hair and scalp
  4. Prevents hair fall
  5. Removes dandruff and lice. 
  6. Perfect for all kinds of hair.
  7. Aids in Hair Growth
  8. Prevents Greying of hair. 
  9. Easy to apply. 
  10. Easily absorbed. 
  11. Budget friendly. 
Nature Sure Jonk Oil Review!

  1. Pungent smell. 
  2. Not available offline.
Nature Sure Jonk Oil Review!

Nature Sure Jonk Oil is definitely a unique product which helps in reducing hair fall and getting rid of dandruff. It is quite effective and you can see the results quite soon. A change in your diet can also help you to maintain your hair and keep them healthy in the long run. It definitely treats hair thinning and bald spots efficiently.

IBN RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend trying it out to achieve beautiful, long and healthy hair!

Your Beauty Fanatic!

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