Hi Girlies!  Menstrual Cups. Yep, they are the most underrated feminine hygiene products in the market. In fact, most women don...

Everteen Menstrual Cup, Review & Uses!

July 19, 2019 Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hi Girlies! 
Menstrual Cups. Yep, they are the most underrated feminine hygiene products in the market. In fact, most women don't even know that they exist. Menstrual cups are basically like tampons, but instead they are reusable. They collect the menstrual blood in the "cup" which should then, be disposed in the toilet. What's exciting is the fact that they're the most cost-effective alternative to pads. Wanna know more? Well, Here's my review of the Everteen Menstrual Cup in Small size. 
Everteen Menstrual Cup in Small Size

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Everteen Menstrual Cup


AVAILABILITY: Available on Amazon, Flipkart, Everteen and several other websites.

PRODUCT CLAIMS: Everteen menstrual cup is a quality product from everteen which offers india's largest range of premium sanitary essentials for complete feminine hygiene. The everteen menstrual cup is highly comfortable to wear and gives you the freedom to perform all your favorite sports and outdoor activities such as yoga, dancing, swimming and more. Made of high grade medical silicone, the everteen menstrual cup is soft, easy to use, 100 percent safe and does not cause skin irritation. The small cup can hold up to 23ml of fluid and is recommended for light-to-normal flow. Always use everteen natural intimate wash to clean the exterior of your intimate areas before and after using the everteen menstrual cup. Never wash intimate areas with soap, shampoo or chemical based products to prevent infections or ph imbalance. *Note: If you have normal-to-heavy flow, please search for everteen menstrual cup (large), which can hold up to 30ml of fluid.*

DIRECTION FOR USE: Mentioned Below.

Everteen Menstrual Cup in Small Size

At first, I was really clueless as to what should be done with it. I thought that one needs to hold it in place or something. After reading the instruction manual I realized that this needs to be inserted down there.

The menstrual cup does not cause infections, irritation or rashes. It does not disturb the pH balance of the skin. There's no problem of seepage either. Tampons or Pads on the other hand, may be made up of harmful material which may be extremely dangerous for sensitive skin. With pads, you really can't indulge in your favorite activities such as swimming or water sports. With menstrual cups, you can take part in any activity that you like. A major reason why women are so shy about using menstrual cups is because of the lack of awareness about them. Secondly, there's all that taboo related to feminine hygiene which is why women refrain from talking about it. 
Everteen Menstrual Cup in Small Size
The menstrual cup comes packed in a plastic wrap. The box contains an instruction manual along with a mini carry-bag along with the product itself. The carry-bag is stunning. In fact, it looks like something in which you give wedding favors. Keeping in mind that the cup came in a plastic wrap, I was sure that it was safely packed, keeping hygiene in mind. 
Everteen Menstrual Cup in Small Size

MATERIAL AND COMFORT OF USE: The material is a thick silicone which can easily bend. To test out the elasticity of the product, I had to try and bend the product as much as possible to see if it can really stay intact. If the quality of the silicone is poor, the cup can actually break or tear from certain places. This one, however, passed the test with flying colors. Inserting it was uncomfortable. I was literally confused as to where this would go. The first few times were definitely tough but then I got the hang of it. It's definitely easier to take it out than to insert it in. 
Everteen Menstrual Cup in Small Size
RESULTS: I used the menstrual cup with a panty liner and surprisingly, it didn't leak much. With some experience, you'd learn to insert it in the right position and keep it in there. For those who have lighter flow, the smaller cup is perfect. Otherwise, you can use it but bear in mind that you might need to empty it every few hours. You can easily go to bed with this on and not worry about any leakage, especially if you have lighter flow. For those who have heavy flow can opt for the 'Large' size. 


  1. Bendable material. 
  2. Extremely comfortable. 
  3. Stunning carry-bag. 
  4. Easy to use. 
  5. Cost-effective. (Think about the money you'd be making by not spending on pads)
  6. Travel-friendly.
  7. Easy to clean. 
  8. Can hold 23ml of menstrual fluid.
  9. Eco-friendly.
Everteen Menstrual Cup in Small Size

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: Made with high grade medical silicone, the Everteen Menstrual Cup in Small gave me shocking results which I didn't imagine I would get even in my wildest dreams. Trust me, this one is definitely useful. You don't have to worry about overflowing pads or itchiness or the worst of them all: Rashes! Save the environment a tiny bit at a time. You're actually investimg in a safer, better environment for your future generation! Overall, I find it really efficient in holding all that fluid in. With a little bit of expertise, you can get used to it too. Once you've used it the first few times, you'd never want to make the switch to normal pads. 

IBN RECOMMENDATION: I highly recommend trying it out.

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