Hi Everyone!    Trying out new skincare pr oducts is definitely something I love to do. Makeup is incomplete without good skin and ho...

Glowssentials Products Review!

October 06, 2019 Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hi Everyone!
   Trying out new skincare products is definitely something I love to do. Makeup is incomplete without good skin and honestly, you need to invest your time and energy to make sure your skin looks good. I recently shot a video showcasing Glowssentials on my Instagram page and I loved the overwhelming response that I got. The brand is relatively new in the market but has a plethora of products which are quite amazing. Today I'll be reviewing a number of products that I got my hands on. 
Glowssentials Products Review!
We provide handmade skin care products which are customised according to every skin type. We personalise and modify the skin care products to skin types.

AVAILABILITY: Check out their Instagram Store HERE.

The products that they offer are natural and handmade which is what makes them special. Each product is customized according to the skin types so that the product is gentle on the skin. 


1. Glowssentials Pomegranate Soap: 
The soap is quite gentle on the skin. It is just like their other soaps. I particularly love the rose shape which makes it look extremely pretty. It has a really sweet fragrance which is quite fruity. The soap helps to control pimples, acne and to cleanse the skin thoroughly. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. Furthermore, it doesn't wash away or melt as most soaps do. This ensures that the product wastage is minimal.
Glowssentials Products Review!

RESULT: I love the feeling that it leaves behind. The soap is definitely not harsh and is fit for usage after a hectic day at work. You can carry it around with you as well. 
Glowssentials Products Review!

2. Glowssentials Rhassoul Clay Washing Grains:
Clay is well known to have properties which allow it to leave your skin squeaky clean. The Scrub targets problematic areas of your face. Your skin is usually exposed to the harmful pollutants such as dirt and dust. The grains allow you to get rid of all those dead skin cells while revealing new, smooth and soft skin. The grains gently exfoliate and removes all the dirt to give you glowing and hydrated skin. 
Glowssentials Products Review!

RESULT: It truly gets rid of the pesky dirt and cleanses the skin really well. The grains are gentle enough on my sensitive skin and ensure that it stays hydrated and healthy. They also brighten the skin and ensure that it keeps glowing. 
Glowssentials Products Review!

3. Glowssentials Pomegranate Collagen Mask: 
The pomegranate collagen mask comes in the standard glowssentials reusable bottle which has a black lid. The product is packed hygienically to ensure that you get fresh product after every use. The product is a very fine pink powder. You can mix it with raw milk, almond milk, rose water or just plain water and apply it all over your face and neck. My skin instantly feels refreshed.
Glowssentials Products Review!

 RESULTS: It keeps the skin taut. In fact, it works really well on pores. The fragrance is extremely pungent so if you have a sensitive nose, consider adding some drops of an essential oil to shoo away that unpleasant smell. 
Glowssentials Products Review!

4. Glowssentials Gleam Glow Serum
The Gleam Glow serum is dark yellow in color, like most oils. It has runny consistency and it is quite lightweight and smooth. It is quite easy to apply it with your fingertips. This serum takes no time to get absorbed and leaves your skin feeling hydrated.
Glowssentials Products Review!

RESULTS: True to it's name, the serum leaves your skin feeling extremely smooth and soft. It gives your skin that droolworthy glow. Those who want to have a natural glow as soon as they step out must get their hands on this baby! 
Glowssentials Products Review!

5. Glowssentials Pomegranate Moisturiser


Pomegranate is rich in Vitamin C and other antioxidants. It helps to slow the signs of ageing and is one of the best ingredients to naturally brighten the skin. The moisturizer is extremely thick and luscious. It almost feels like butter. 
Glowssentials Products Review!

It also provides skin elasticity and gives skin a luminous glow. I love slapping it on since it makes my skin feel so soft. I particularly adore the fruity smell. It's definitely one of the most amazing parts of the moisturizer. 
Glowssentials Products Review!

   The packaging of the products is classy and chic. The products seem to have jumped out of a magazine. I haven't faced any leaks or spills so far so, I'm assuming that you're safe! The packaging is travel-friendly and you can carry the products in your bag with ease. It's good to know that you'll get glass bottles and jars which can be reused. 

Glowssentials Products Review!

Check out my Instagram Video about using these products. Click HERE.

Can I just say I'm in love? If you didn't realize it yet, I was quite stunned after I used the products. I didn't expect such amazing quality. Even though I can't possibly pick one, my absolute favorites out of these products would be the Glowssentials Rhassoul Clay Washing Grains and the Gleam Glow Serum. I definitely think that since these products are handmade, they are quite gentle on the skin. I love the aftereffects of these products. The only problem is that they aren't available elsewhere. You need to get in touch with the brand to get your hands on these but seriously, if you're someone who wants to have efficient products which work wonders for your skin, you might as well give these a try. Baby soft skin? DONE! 

IBN RECOMMENDATION: I totally recommend checking out the brand, the products are definitely worth it. 

Your Beauty Fanatic!

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