Hey Chickas! Apart from lipbalms which moisturize the lips, I haven't seen many lip care products around. In fact, there are only a ...

Namyaa Lip Lightener Serum Review!

October 10, 2019 Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hey Chickas!
Apart from lipbalms which moisturize the lips, I haven't seen many lip care products around. In fact, there are only a few brands which make lip scrubs for lightening the lips. Having Pigmented lips is no fun. In fact, most lipsticks don't show up well and lipbalms look really weird. Well, I came across the Namyaa Lip Lightener Serum and I was pretty impressed with the claims of the brand. I decided to bring this product to my testing product. Does it really work? Let's find out!
Namyaa Lip Lightener Serum Review!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Namyaa Lip Lightener Serum  


AVAILABILITY: Available on Amazon, Namyaa, Flipkart and other major cosmetic outlets.

Namyaa Lip Serum Advanced Brightening Therapy is formulated  to nourish, hydrate and shield lips from harsh elements. It Protects and moisturizes all day, for lasting relief. It lightens dark lips and prevents their further darkening from smoking. It even repairs damage caused to lips because of cosmetics.

Use this natural Namyaa Lip Lightener Serum as needed on dry, cracked, or chapped lips.

Namyaa Lip Lightener Serum Review!
   I have tried many lip balms but the sole reason to get this lip serum was to test out it's claims. Honestly, I wouldn't have a product to compare to since lightening lip serums are quite rare in the market. The Namyaa Lip Serum has been specially designed to lighten the dark lips caused due to smoking. It repairs and restores the damaged caused to the lips. It brightens and evens out the skin tone of your lip to natural pink. Not only this, it nourishes, moisturizes and heals chapped lips. This product is 100% natural and safe to use.

Namyaa Lip Lightener Serum comes in a tube with a screw cap in beautiful yellow colour. The packaging has all the details mentioned on it. The packaging looks super girly and ensures that you can easily apply it with precision. The product is compact and can be shoved into your purse or pocket without any trouble. 
Namyaa Lip Lightener Serum Review!
This lip balm is off white in color. It's not tinted and is enriched with properties of olive oil, aloe vera and licorice extracts among several others. It has runny, flowy consistency which allows it to be easily applied on the lips. It is lightweight and doesn't feel heavy at all. There's a mild scent to it but it's not something I mind having around. Besides, the scent fades away in no time. 
NamyaaLip Lightener Serum Review! 
   Currently this one is my on-the-go lip serum. I can't say that it has instant effects or that the effects drastically lighten the lips but yes, the product definitely works on lightening the lips and moisturizing them. It glides on easily on the lips and moisturizes lips really well without being sticky or greasy. For dry lips, this works really well and repairs them while ensuring to keep them hydrated. I use it every single day when my lips are feeling a little dry or when I feel like pampering them a little bit.
Namyaa Lip Lightener Serum Review!
  1. Affordable.
  2. Doesn't have any harmful chemicals.
  3. Travel friendly.
  4. Mild fragrance.
  5. Help against dry & chapped lips.  
  6. Attractive, chic packaging. 
  7. Lightens lips which have darkened because of tobacco/nicotine.
  8. Repairs and restores damage caused to lips.
  9. Brightens and evens out the skin tone of your lips.
  10. 100% Natural.
  11. Hydrating.
  1. Not available offline. 
Namyaa Lip Lightener Serum Review!


Namyaa Lip Lightener Serum is a decently priced and enough hydrated lip balm. It keeps lips soft and supple and with continuous use it effectively heals dry and chapped lips. It brightens and evens out the skin tone of your lip to natural pink. The packaging is simple and sturdy. It is quite travel friendly. The consistency of the lip serum is smooth and works efficiently to moisturize the lips while not feeling greasy or heavy. The lip serum glides easily on the lips too. It truly lightens the lips if used regularly.  

As lipbalms are a must-have product, I feel everyone should give it a go. For those who have decided to quite smoking and fix their darkened lips, this can be a saviour.   

Your Beauty Fanatic!

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