Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review!

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With the hot and humid climate along with sweat, pollution, dirt and a whole lot of issues, your hair are bound to lose their natural shine. In fact, many women, men and even some child face hair loss because of these issues. Excessive hair loss can lead to low confidence in women and men. Recently, I got my hands on the "Thumba" Oil by Nature Sure. It has been reviewed on YouTube by several people which is why I was really excited to see if it would live up on my expectations or not. So, without further ado, let's review the Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil.
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil!

PRICE : Rs. 340 INR for 110 ml.

AVAILABILITY: Available on Amazon.com, Flipkart, Snapdeal and other outlets. 
Available on Nature Sure website too

PRODUCT CLAIMS: Made with pure and top-grade natural ingredients, nature sure thumba wonder hair oil is an ayurvedic hair tonic made from herbs that help fight scalp infection and nourishes hair follicles. Thumba, also known as bitter apple, indrayan or hanzal, is a desert fruit whose oilseeds are medically proven to bring up to 70 percent follicles back to anagen phase successfully.
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review! 
DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Gently massage the oil for at least 15 minutes and allow it to seep into the roots of the hair. Wash your hair with a chemical-free shampoo afterward. 
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review! 

KEY INGREDIENTS: Mentioned below.
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review! 
Oiling the scalp is absolutely crucial given that our hair don't get the nutrients to grow faster. Our diets contain chemical-laden fruits and vegetables which only make the hair weaker. The best way to make your hair grow faster is to oil them regularly and include rich food in your diet. 
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review! 

The thumba oil comes in a translucent green bottle which is very similar to the jonk tail bottle that I've tried before from the brand. The packaging is definitely travel-friendly. The bottle even has a white cap which ensures that none of the product spills out. The packaging is hygienic as well. 
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review! 

SHADE, CONSISTENCY & FRAGRANCE: The hair oil is colorless and has a runny consistency (Because it's oil). It's not too sticky and gets absorbed really fast. The smell that it has is really pungent. It smells like a concoction of herbal oils which might be a bit too strong for those who have sensitive noses.
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review! 

You will definitely notice a change in your hair texture. Those who have frizzy hair will definitely be able to tame their hair. With regular usage, you'll find that your hair will be more voluminous, thick and definitely lustrous. You can also get rid of split ends and dry scalp with the help of this oil. Make sure that you add this to your hair care regime soon. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to this oil. I generally take a generous amount, create some heat between my palms and then apply it. 
Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review! 

  1. Increases hair length and strength
  2. Has anti-infection properties.
  3. Natural ingredients.
  4. Sturdy packaging.
  5. Lightweight and doesn't give any sticky feeling.
  6. Travel-friendly.
  7. Easy to use.
  8. Easily available.
  9. Perfectly thick consistency.
  10. ISO-certified units approved by directorate of ayush.
  11. Affordable and reasonably priced. 

Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review! 



Made with Thumba Oil, the Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil is the perfect product for your hair which will definitely make them soft, long and strong. The hair oil has a thick, oily consistency and it should be massaged onto your scalp so that it penetrates into the roots and aids in hair growth. Overall, it's a nice oil which won't burn a hole in your pockets.

Nature Sure Thumba Wonder Hair Oil Review! 
This one should be a part of your hair care regime. Go for it!

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