Hey Beauties!    I have always had an unsteady hand when it comes to applying eyeliner. I can never seem to get the eyeliner same on both...

MyGlamm Precision Eyeliner & Stylist Review!

November 02, 2019 Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hey Beauties!

   I have always had an unsteady hand when it comes to applying eyeliner. I can never seem to get the eyeliner same on both eyes. Maybe it's the brush of the eyeliners that I've come across, which is not something I can handle. When I heard about the MyGlamm Precision Eyeliner & Stylist, I was hooked and wanted to try it immediately and guess what? Next thing I know, I had it on my testing table. Without further ado, let's get into the review. 
MyGlamm Precision Eyeliner & Stylist Review!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: MyGlamm Precision Eyeliner & Stylist


AVAILABILITY: Available on Purplle, Amazon, Nykka and makeup outlets.
MyGlamm Precision Eyeliner & Stylist Review!
  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Wipe off any excess product on the applicator.
  3. Place it really close to the top lash line and roll/glide along.
  4. Start at the inner corner of eye making your way along the lash line to the outer corner.

The wheelie has you covered when it comes to precision eye art. An easy to use, revolutionary rolling disc applicator delivers perfection in one smooth glide for eye lining perfection. Use it to create all kinds of looks, dramatic wings, subtle flicks or ultra thin strokes. From classic to contemporary and everything in between, Wheelie delivers the ultimate smooth thin line, every time.

MyGlamm Precision Eyeliner & Stylist Review!

   MyGlamm, collaborated with global experts and makeup artists from Italy and Germany to curate products which haven't been seen before in the Indian market. The wheelie eyeliner is one such product. Honestly, 895 INR for an eyeliner of 1ml is quite less. For those who apply an eyeliner every single day, this wouldn't last for a long time. It's definitely not budget friendly.
MyGlamm Precision Eyeliner & Stylist Review!
  The eyeliner comes in a long white bottle with a twist-open top. It looks big but the bottom half is where the product is. You can't see the quantity of the eyeliner which is left. Inside, you can see a star-shaped opening which is what wipes off the excess liquid. The applicator is a wheelie which can draw a straight line easily. The eyeliner looks quite funky and attractive, very different from the usual eyeliners. It can be easily carried around. 

MyGlamm Precision Eyeliner & Stylist Review!
   The shade is pitch black and has a matte finish. It might feel really dry and chalky when you touch it. The consistency is very smooth and flows easily. It is easy to apply it with the applicator as it glides easily on the eyelids. The wheelie ensures that the entire look is flawless. In fact, you can create endless looks using just one product. 

MyGlamm Precision Eyeliner & Stylist can be used to make the perfect eyeliner look in the least amount of time. You can create much more than just the classic cateye look or winged eyeliner look. The wheelie is absolutely handy and applies the eyeliner like a charm. The tip is quite thin and you can easily create a look with no huss or fuss.
MyGlamm Precision Eyeliner & Stylist Review!
The eyeliner can stay on for over 5 hours on an average. It's matte and the formula is such that it can stay put for hours on an end. You need to use a makeup remover to wipe it off. 

  1. Matte-black finish.
  2. Highly pigmented.
  3. Versatile.
  4. You can create multiple looks.
  5. Waterproof & long-lasting
  6. Wheel tip for precision
  7. Continous lines without any mistakes.
  8. Funky packaging.
  9. Travel friendly.
  10. The rolling disc applicator delivers straight lines.

  1. Less quantity.
  2. High price. 
MyGlamm Precision Eyeliner & Stylist Review!

IBN RATING: 3.5/5.


MyGlamm Precision Eyeliner & Stylist is the perfect partner for those who struggle to get that perfect winged eyeliner look. This one would ensure that you take almost no time to draw the flawless lines. It's not glossy as the brand claims, It's extremely matte and super pigmented. I love the staying power of the product and love how precise the lines. Apart from the price and the quantity, I find everything absolutely worth it. Save it for special occasions and you can easily rock any look. 

Definitely go for it if you want to have a beautiful look. If you're on a tight budget, then this one is definitely not for you!

Your Beauty Fanatic!

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