Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water Review!

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   Using a toner is just as important as any other skincare product. Not only does a toner keep your skin feeling refreshed but it also keeps it hydrated throughout. Furthermore, toning improves skin texture as well. Rose water, in particular, is a really efficient product which can help control the skin oil but it also maintains the pH balance of the skin. I got my hands on the Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water and decided to put it to test. Wanna know if it's worth the hefty price tag? Well, let's find out! 
Vanya Pure Himalayan  Rose Water Review!
NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water.

PRICE: 613 INR for 100ml

AVAILABILITY: Available on Flipkart, Lime Road, VanyaHerbal and other makeup outlets.

PURE HIMALAYAN ROSE WATER is a skincare essential. In the farms, of the foothills of the Himalayas, we cultivate the unique and well known Damascus Roses, a species which was popularized by the Mughals in India.
Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water Review!
   Our rose water is aromatic and is enriched naturally with minute particles of rose oil. This herb has been used in beauty rituals since time immemorial. 

   On dry skin, after cleansing and before before moisturizing spray a layer of pure rose water on entire face and neck everyday to soften and tone. Early morning clean your face with rose water, as it’s gentle and fresh, also helps the skin glow. Spray pure rose water on your hair and scalp. It will improve the shine and quality of hair.


100% Pure Himalayan Rose (Damascena) Water
Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water Review!
  The Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water only one ingredient as written on the packaging. Rose water is known to be gentle and mild on the skin which is why it's perfect for every skin type. Price-wise, it's definitely costly and would cost you a whopping 613 INR just for a 100ml bottle. Compared to the fact that you can get cheaper variants, it's quite hard to give it the tag of being efficient. Vanya is known for it's quality which is why I believe that if bought during sales, you can score a good discount.
Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water Review!
  The packaging is simple and nothing extravagant. The rose water comes in a spray bottle which ensures that hygienic disposal of the product. Being super lightweight, the product is easy to carry. In fact, it's perfect for carrying in your bag. You can use it after a tiring day to get rid of dirt on your skin and feel refreshed afterward. 
Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water Review!
  The rose water is super light pink in color and it has a watery consistency. It's really fragrant and the brand claims that there are tiny droplets of rose oil in the product as well. The best part is that you can use it on your hair as well as on your face. 
Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water Review!

A couple of sprays of the product are enough to make your skin lovely and smooth. It works really well for oily skin and removes the excess oil that the skin has. The brand claims that it also works super well as a natural toner and an astringent to improve skin texture by tightening the pores of the skin. 
Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water Review!

The scent stays for only a while or so and then fades away. However, it definitely makes you feel refreshed, especially after a long day. 
Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water Review!

  1. Travel Friendly.
  2. Natural ingredients.
  3. Highly refreshing.
  4. Cleanses the skin
  5. Super fragrant
  6. Adds a glow to your face. 
  7. Brightens the skin
  8. Hygienic packaging. 
  9. Easily available. 
  10. You need very little amount of the product.
Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water Review!

  1. Not budget friendly. Will definitely take a toll on your budget. 

Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water Review!

Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water is a nice product. It's really fragrant and would work really well as a toner. It balances the oil on the skin which is definitely a pro for those who have oily skin. It's also safe for all skin types, given that it only has ONE INGREDIENT. Two or maybe Three sprays at most is all it takes to use it on your face. It might take a few extra if you have long hair. The packaging is hygienic as well. The only downside is that it's pricey. Otherwise, it's an interesting find. 
Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water Review!

I recommend trying it out. Those who are on a budget may skip. 
Vanya Pure Himalayan Rose Water Review!
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