YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge Review!

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    Beauty blenders and sponges are the new best friends of most makeup geeks, like me. You'll ask me why? Well, the reason being that Unlike brushes, Makeup Sponges are equipped to apply makeup evenly on all areas, even the places your brush can't reach. They're very versatile and they don't need much expertise, in the first place. So, I got my hands on the YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge and I'm thrilled to be reviewing it today!
Here we go!
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge Review!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge

PRICE: 1200 Rs.

AVAILABILITY: Available on Amazon, Nykka and other makeup outlets.
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge Review!
PRODUCT CLAIMS: When you want to get Flawless makeup that looks like something out of a Fairy tale, the secret lies in the Application. Makeup Perfector not only gives a perfect touch to your makeup, it is your makeup companion from Start to Finish. 
What is Makeup Perfector, and what makes it different? 
  • The YBP Makeup Perfector consists of two things: Sponge, and a unique Container. 
  • When you use your Makeup Perfector Sponge, or "MPS", you can achieve a very Natural and Flawless coverage quickly and easily, and it will not look Heavy or Cakey. 
  • The Container Makeup Perfector Sponge is a New-age Makeup Sponge that Electrifies your love for Cosmetics - High-Quality Material, Latex-free, Hypoallergenic, Soft, Great for Sensitive Skin. 
  • MPS gives you an impeccable, High-Definition finish with Minimum product waste. 
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge Review!
DIRECTION FOR USE: Wet Your Makeup Perfecter Sponge. The Sponge increases in size when Wet and becomes extremely Soft and Bouncy, the Perfect amount of softness and bounce to get great HD performance easily. The shape is Multi-functional - Tip is great for smaller harder to reach places around the Nose and Eye areas. Bottom is good for Cheeks, Forehead, and Neck. 
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge Review!
   I have tried various other beauty blenders and sponges as well but none have come across with such good quality. 
The YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge is quite easy to use, it's a beginner friendly product which is versatile. Even though, people have different features, this one adapts according to your own. And like they say at YBP: every piece is unique and differently made.
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge Review!

The YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge comes in a safe, cylindrical box packaging which makes it easier to store the sponge. The sponge will not collect any dust that way. The packaging is unique and high quality. You can easily carry the sponge around with/without the outer packaging.
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge Review!
RESULTS: You can get an even look on your face. It's a very beginner friendly product. It's  super soft and dobles the size when wet. Not just foundation it does apply the concealer and cream blush very seamlessly. You can use dry to apply even powder for baking which works good too. It's  quite multipurpose versatile product. It's best out there in indian market compared to other sponges and does last long too if taken care of well after every use. Moreover it's easy to clean too. I just use my baby shampoo and it's as good as new after every wash.
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge Review!

  1. Beginner friendly.
  2. Travel friendly packaging.
  3. Good quality.
  4. Versatile product.
  5. Multi-functional tip
  6. Easy to clean.

  1. A bit pricey
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge Review!


The YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge makes it very easy to apply makeup, the multi-functional tip makes it super easy to reach every corner.
YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge Review!

IBN RECOMMENDATION: Yes! It's a must-have in your vanity, go for it.

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