Hi Everyone,  Lipsticks are the go-to products to complete your entire look. But honestly, it's the eye liner which completes the l...

Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners Review!

January 31, 2020 Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hi Everyone, 
Lipsticks are the go-to products to complete your entire look. But honestly, it's the eye liner which completes the look. A good eye liner gives you that neat and extremely subtle look that you're going for. As a result, the eye look flawless. There aren't many brands with good eye liners which are smooth and still give that neat look. I got the Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners in a PR package and I didn't think much of them until I actually used them. Before I reveal any further details, let's just get into the review, shall we?
Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners Review!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners


AVAILABILITY: Available on Nykka, Flipkart, Amazon and retail outlets.

PRODUCT CLAIMS: Bonjour pretty eyes! A bold release that packs a punch in just one swipe, Bella Voste Liquid Dip eyeliner is all you need to accentuate your eyes. What's great about this product is long-lasting and does not smudge, crack, flake or peel. This refined liner glides perfectly across the lash line for a gorgeous fluid application, leaving you looking super sensational!
Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners Review!
Draw a fine line close to the lashes, from center of the eyes and sweep the applicator towards the outer corner of the eye leaving it in the free stroke. Repeat at inner corner sweeping towards the center to complete the line. 

Demineralised Water, Styrene Acrylates Co polymer,Black-2( CI77266) and PEG 40 Hydrogenated,Castor oil and Laureth-21 and Sodium Dehydroacetate and water, Propylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum, DMDM Hydantoin and  Iodopropynyl Butyl Carbamate,Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid Di Sodium,Pearls & Pigments Under Schedule Q
Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners Review!
   It's almost my weakness that I don't think much about underrated brands before I've tried them. This time too, my expectations were the bare minimum. I got all the eight shades that the brand has to offer

PACKAGING: These eye liners come in a fancy cardboard packaging in which is the eye liner. It has a black top and a colorful bottom which shows the shade of the product that you have. This makes it easy for you to spot the product from afar. It has an efficient brush which prevents product wastage. It is easy to carry the eye liner and it is definitely a travel-friendly product. The packaging is slim and compact, making it super easy to store it anywhere as well.
Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners Review!
 The shades are highly pigmented and would look amazing on every skin tone. They're creamy and smooth and glide on easily without tugging on the eyes. The shades are really vibrant and bright. The eyeliner glides on smoothly without any fuss. Two swipes would give you a completely opaque and flawless finish. The pigmentation is buildable, so you don't have to worry about having an uneven finish.  The fragrance has the usual, cosmetic-like scent to it but it's almost unnoticeable.

The brand has 6 gorgeous shades, namely:
  1. Glazed Green
  2. Silken Silver
  3. Go Bold
Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners Review!
RESULTS: I love the fact that the formula is so smooth and creamy. You don't need to lather the product over and over again and it gives you a flawless finish with just two swipes. It doesn't transfer and stays put for a long time.
Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners Review!
STAYING POWER: The eye liner stays on an average for 4-5 hours, although I feel that it can last longer than that. I usually reapply it after the 5 hour time slot. It fades away evenly without leaving any product on your eyes.
Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners Review!
  1. Stunning shades.
  2. Super-soft and glides easily on the eyes.
  3. Highly pigmented.
  4. Budget friendly.
  5. Transfer-proof.
  6. Excellent staying power.
  7. Cruelty-free.
  8. 6 stunning shades.
  9. Flawless matte finish.
  10. Buildable pigmentation. 
  11. Easy to carry. 
  12. Travel-friendly.
  13. Doesn't tug or pull on your eyes.
Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners Review!
  1. Non Availability in stores offline.

Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners Review!

If you’re looking for a matte eye liner which provides a smooth, flawless finish, then the Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners is a must-have for you. Keeping the price aside, there's no reason for you to not buy this product. Furthermore, the eye liners are creamy and have that wow-factor to them. I personally use them instead of an eyeshadow too and use a blending brush to blend them out. My personal favorite shades are Black Dale and Soft Snow. The shade Soft Snow is the perfect Fall/Winter shade which instantly adds a bit of boldness to your look.
Bella Voste Liquid Dip Liners Review!
IBN RECOMMENDATION: Save some extra cash, give up on that expensive coffee and try out all the shades from the range, it's definitely top-notch for the price tag. 

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