Hi Beauties!    As we age, our skins naturally lose their vibrancy and softness; it also happens especially during the winter season due ...

Top Three Ways to Rejuvenate Dry Skin!

February 13, 2020 Dr. Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hi Beauties!

   As we age, our skins naturally lose their vibrancy and softness; it also happens especially during the winter season due to environmental conditions; for some, it is a generic problem. If you suffer from dry skin, don’t worry; here are several remedies that you can apply to rejuvenate skin and keep looking good all the time.

Rejuvenate Using All-natural Products:
Although there are numerous skin products in the market, natural remedies are worth trying. The natural oil tends to be pure, which makes them attractive too if you want to avoid sensitive skin care products. You need to take into account your body pH before using a product. You can try out Sond sensitive skin care products made of natural elements to revitalize your skin without causing more damage. Consider the following supernatural remedy with just a few ingredients at home that saves you time and money.

Creamy Avocado mask:
Mash an avocado and massage it gently onto your skin, then leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes then wash it off. Avocado is full of healthy oils, vitamins, and antioxidants, which will help your skin maintain moisture and also act as filler for wrinkles. After the treatment, your skin feels moisturized and youthful.
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Apply Aloe Vera:
The plant can be grown anywhere in gardens, terraces, and pots; this is a readily available option. Scrap off the gel from its leaves mash it and apply it on your face, let it rest for about 10 minutes wash your face with cold water and pat to dry. It alleviates redness and itchiness associated with dry skin and can also reduce the chances of acne and breakouts.
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Oatmeal and honey mask:
Mix two tablespoons of oat with a tablespoon of honey and rub it onto your skin. Let it sit for around 15 to 20 minutes, wash then pat dry to achieve not only a softer feel but also a glowing appearance. It is advisable to use honey both internally or externally for maximum skin benefits.
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Coconut oil:
It works by improving skin hydration and boosts the number of lipids on your skin surface. It has emollient properties that stand in the places between your skin cells to bring out that smooth appearance. You don’t need to mix with anything; use it daily even in the most sensitive parts of your skin.

Olive oil:
Olives are excellent sources of vitamins and high natural oils that work as skin cleansers and moisturizers. Mash three to four pieces of olives and apply the oil onto your skin let it dry for a few minutes, wash it off and pat to dry. It will help in restoring your skin’s natural pH; it is also associated with anti-aging properties; this will help you live better with menopause.
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Take mashed papaya and massage it onto your skin, then leave it for about five minutes. Wash your skin with water then with milk to see how hydrated and soft your skin can turn. It contains vitamin A and papain enzyme, which acts as a general exfoliator helping to clear dead skin cells, and inactive protein for skin renewal.

Rejuvenate by Detoxifying:
Has your skin lost its health and radiant glow? Detoxifying your body from the inside will help restore your outside appearance. Detox draws out toxins from your skin surface, cleans the pores, blackheads, and hydrates it. It also makes your skin firm and tight to improve your appearance and skin tone for a younger feel and look.
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Drinking plenty of fluids:
It is the most straightforward remedy to achieving a hydrated skin; aim at drinking at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water or more every day. It will help to flush out toxins from your kidney for a hydrated, glowing completion.

Skin brushing:
Brushing your skin stimulates the lymphatic system and helps your body to detoxify naturally. It is also a means of exfoliating your skin to remove dead cells and clear your pores. However, you must use the right brush with stiff bristles and natural fibers, start from your feet and brush upwards towards the heart, taking around 10 minutes per section. Don’t brush too vigorously; you can do it daily or weekly, but remember to brush your skin just before your morning shower for better results.
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Drink lemon water:
It stimulates the digestive process by helping in bile production, which aids in liver processes to remove waste products. Prepare your juice either half or full lemon with a glass of warm water and take it in an empty stomach first thing in the morning to have a refreshing start of your day.

Use herbal tea:
It greatly aids in detox by flushing out toxins to help you stay hydrated; try incorporating herbal tea to support liver and blood cleansing. You can consider camomile tea packed with antioxidants that are essential for your skin health to give you the glow that you have always wanted. It is associated with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which help to fade spots, breakouts, and eliminate acne scars. It protects your skin from free radical damage by accelerating cells and tissue regeneration to tighten your skin pores and slow down the aging process. It also treats sunburns; you can brew the tea chill it, soak a towel in it, then apply to the sunburn area.
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Clean up your diet:
Your skin is an indication of your inner body health, and poor nutrition will leave a mark, as refined sugars and high cab content could result in adverse skin conditions. If you are serious about rejuvenating the skin, you must be willing to ditch some sugary snacks and processed food. Focus on high nutrient diets, including leafy green vegetables, nuts, garlic, and low sugar fruits.

Rejuvenate by De-stressing:
Stress is a prevalent symptom of menopause in some women, which brings detrimental effects on both their skin and everyday lives. During menopause, the lower level of estrogen can adversely affect your skin by making it more prone to sagging, wrinkling, and thinning. Estrogen plays a vital role in keeping your skin young and healthy by providing a shield against sun damage, reducing inflammation, and boosts general skin health. It is important to note that menopause isn’t a health problem, but a life transition and the following de-stressing remedies could be of help.

•    Try yoga, meditation, and other stress-reduction techniques, which will help you relax, focus your mind, and keep stress at bay to live better with menopause.
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•    Make time to pursue your hobbies such as gardening or cooking; this will help to take your mind out of the stressful state and help you relax.

•    Work it out; going out to exercise is vital in relieving stress and also boosts circulation, which slows down the aging process. The extra oxygen supply during blood flow revitalizes your skin, and you are more likely to achieve that younger and healthier look.

•    Remember to talk to your close friends and relatives about disturbing issues; this could prevent your stress levels from rising.

•    It is essential to get enough sleep since insufficient rest could result in intolerance and irritability.

•    Note that your body requires the right balance of nutrients to help keep your skin looking good. Skin rejuvenation will be more productive with required food supplements like omega 3, collagen, Zinc, Magnesium, vitamins A, C, and E, among many.
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•    For those over 50 years and in menopause, de-stressing boosts your productivity at work, reduces anxiety, helps to improve interpersonal relationships, and boosts your overall physical health.

Dry skin occurs when your skin fails to retain enough moisture; the good news is that you do not necessarily need a dermatologist. Try out the above easy skin care tips to help soothe dry and irritated skin.

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