Hey Beauties!    I've previously reviewed supplements on the blog and I'm here with another review today. Being a doctor, I'...

Priveda Vita Shake Review!

May 27, 2020 Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hey Beauties!

   I've previously reviewed supplements on the blog and I'm here with another review today. Being a doctor, I've seen patients come to me with several diseases and a common problem that everyone faces is weight gain. Usually, weight gain and diseases that come with it are a result of poor lifestyle. People sit in front of screens all day, eat food that's unhealthy and not nutritious and they sleep at odd hours: All of this adds up and leads to several problems and hormonal imbalances. I also recently shared how I lost weight and it wouldn't have been possible without lots of exercises, dietary changes, proper sleep, and a strict diet. Today, I'll be reviewing Priveda Vita Shake which is a meal replacement supplement. Let's learn more about the ingredients that went into it!

Priveda Vita Shake Review!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Priveda Vita Shake.

PRICE: INR 1699. Right now on discount of Rs. 999 only. 

AVAILABILITY: On their website CLICK HERE and Amazon.

PRODUCT CLAIMS:  Priveda Vita Shake Complete Food Supplement that is a perfect blend of 30 vital nutrients containing a wide range of vitamins and minerals 

DIRECTIONS FOR CONSUMPTION:  Mix 1 Scoop in 250ml of milk or water shake well or Use a blender to mix.
Priveda Vita Shake Review!
SAFETY INFORMATION: Do not exceed the recommended dosage and always consult your doctor before trying any supplement. This is a product that has herbal ingredients so if you're allergic or sensitive to such concoctions, make sure that you consult your local doctor before consumption. If you face any allergic reactions, discontinue the usage and reach our to an expert. 

GREEN BEAN COFFEE EXTRACT, GREEN TEA EXTRACT, MORINGA LEAF EXTRACT, Ultrafiltered whey protein Concentrate, Chicory Root, Fiber, Cocoa Powder, Herbs Blend, Vitamins & Minerals Blend, Digestive Blend, & Natural Sweetener
Priveda Vita Shake Review!


   The Priveda Meal Replacement Shake is a yummy Chocolate flavored shake that comes loaded with a variety of nutrients that our body desperately needs. It has essential ingredients which are quite helpful in weight loss. The idea behind the shake is that you can replace it with any of your meals and you will still feel full because of the fibrous content of the shake. It can be mixed with water or milk, according to your preference. Even though it doesn't offer any miraculous results, this is how it works: When you replace a meal with the shake, you are essentially consuming a lower amount of calories in place of that meal. So, a calorie deficit helps you to lose weight faster. To speed up the process of losing weight, you need to add a vigorous routine of exercise and consume nutrient-rich foods. There are several diets that you can try in accordance with your body type. The shake has a plethora of vitamins and minerals including calcium which is much needed to keep the bones strong, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, and much more. It is quite convenient given that you simply have to add a powder to your shaker, add some milk or water, shake it, and consume it. 
Priveda Vita Shake Review!
Let us look into the ingredients and learn more about how it works. 

This one is a well-known ingredient that helps in weight management. It is present in a number of weight-loss pills. It is a tropical fruit that has helped several people lose weight. Some studies have shown that participants had modest weight loss after consuming it. Paired with exercise, it can prove to be a great companion for weight loss. It helps by reducing the appetite and boosting the stamina so that you can exercise for a longer duration. The effect of the ingredient depends on diet and exercise. Consuming it with a proper diet that suits your body will help in reducing appetite. Make sure that you know that you aren't allergic to the ingredient or if you face any side-effects then, stop the consumption. 
Priveda Vita Shake Review!
While there is very little evidence that proves that it can be helpful for weight loss, it is a wonderful ingredient that can help you battle several diseases. It can help with blood sugar, blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses. It can help you battle heart diseases and type-2 diabetes to be precise. But since this contains caffeine, its best to stick to the recommended dosage instructions and not exceed them to see results. 
Priveda Vita Shake Review!
Green tea is one of the most popular ingredients that is well-known for its anti-oxidant properties. It has several benefits and it can be extremely helpful for reducing the risk of heart diseases. It can also help you perform better and more efficiently. It may also prove to be helpful for those trying to lose weight. Additionally, it also helps with the liver, reduces the risk of cancer, and may help you to perform better in terms of exercise. 
Priveda Vita Shake Review!
This one is filled with nutrients including Vitamin C, Iron, and much more. It is rich in antioxidants and it keeps the skin healthy. It also protects the liver from several diseases and helps fight several bacterial diseases. 

The packaging is simple and nice. The product comes nicely packed in the container. You also get a shaker that you can use to make the shake. You need to scoop out some of the delicious powder and add it to your shaker and in a few minutes, you'll have a perfect meal replacement shake. There is no fuss or mess. You can take the shaker with you to work or to the gym. 
Priveda Vita Shake Review!
I have seen several reviews boasting of the taste of the product. It tastes like a normal chocolate shake. You need to shake it efficiently and you'll end up with a frothy and yummy shake. I love the Chocolate flavor that it has. It also has zero sugar added which also leads to cut down on sugar, so it's a perfect option for diabetics or for the calorie-conscious. It definitely does not compromise on the taste and its perfect for those chocolate cravings that we often have. 
Priveda Vita Shake Review!

  It is also a vegetarian product which is a bonus, especially because a lot of supplements have non-vegetarian ingredients and it makes it difficult for those who have religious norms to follow. It does not have a chemical taste or bad after-taste. I think a major factor that comes into play here is that a lot of us tend to eat a bar of chocolate or have our favorite shakes thinking that a cheat meal or a quick snack doesn't matter. This shake allows you to get rid of those cravings while also nourishing your body with vital nutrients. 
Priveda Vita Shake Review!
   It is a well-known fact that food is medicine. The nutrients found in this yummy shake have a drastic effect on your overall health but it's also safe to say that exercise and an active routine are a must when it comes to your health. You really can't sit at home and expect to lose weight. I recommend making your own workout schedule and incorporating healthy meals. This shake can be a great option for a post-workout snack. If you are lactose intolerant or aren't allowed to have milk, then you can mix the powder with water. It is tasty, fulfilling, and a perfect fit for those days when you have a chocolate craving. I also recommend replacing refined sugar with jaggery or honey, kicking out refined flour, and drinking lots of water during the day. 
Priveda Vita Shake Review!
   A healthy lifestyle definitely allows you to lose weight much faster. Getting proper 8-hour sleep and eating dinner by 9 pm can also help you. I definitely enjoy drinking this. It is flavorful and healthy and I love the fact that I can make it in a few minutes with ease. Don't expect to lose weight dramatically and instantly. Hard work and a strict diet are a must if you want to see results. But otherwise, I loved having it. It keeps me full for a while too. 
Priveda Vita Shake Review!
1. Vegetarian.
2. Tastes delicious.
3. Sugar-Free.
4. No Artificial Color.
5. Gluten-Free.
6. Fuss-free and easy to consume.
7. Rich in nutrients.

1. It doesn't offer any miraculous results.
IBN RATING: 4.5/5.

Vita Shake is a nice meal replacement shake that offers a delicious chocolate flavor. You can consume it while sticking to your diet. It has several special ingredients such as green bean coffee extract, moringa leaf extract, garcinia cambogia extract, and green tea extract among other exciting ingredients. It is fulfilling as it has fibrous content. Paired with a healthy diet and exercise, you can efficiently lose weight. To top it off, it is a vegetarian product that does not have sugar or gluten. Overall, it is a good product which can be replaced with any meal without any guilt involved.  The product is a bit on the expensive side but since it has a plethora of minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin B3, B6, Folic acid and much more, I think we can overlook the price. 

Priveda Vita Shake Review!
I highly recommend trying it out. It is a tasty and delectable shake that you can consume even when you're on a diet. It tastes nice and its definitely rich in nutrients. 

Your Beauty Fanatic!    

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