Hey Girlies!    The Indian weather is something that can surely give anyone frizzy hair. Summers in India are extremely difficult for ...

Streax Hair Serum Review!

June 13, 2020 Farhat Sultana 0 Comments

Hey Girlies!

   The Indian weather is something that can surely give anyone frizzy hair. Summers in India are extremely difficult for me as I can't really step out without having frizzy hair. The humid weather only makes them feel dry and unmanageable. Serums are my holy grail products during this time because they make it so easy to comb your hair and keep them soft and supple. I came across the Streax Hair Serum with Walnut Oil after searching for my usual Vita Gloss Serum and girl, I was shocked! Today I'll be reviewing it for you all. Keep reading to know if it works well. 
Streax Hair Serum Review!

NAME OF THE PRODUCT: Streax Hair Serum.


AVAILABILITY: On Amazon, Purplle, and Nykaa and other outlets.

Streax Hair Serum is vitalized with Walnut Oil to give your hair the instant shine and smoothness which helps you Shine All Day! Streax hair serum is crafted with love and care to give your hair soft and silky touch. This hair serum reduces frizz and gives a sleeker finish. Streax hair serum will be your best partner to have the confidence you require to Shine.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: simple take a small amount, rub it between your palms and apply on damp hair.

INGREDIENTS LIST: Cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Light Liquid Paraffin etc. 

Streax Hair Serum Review!

I've previously used the Vita Gloss Hair Serum by Streax and it was amazing. It smelled nice, it helped with the frizz and it had all the qualities that you'd want in a nice serum. I used the entire bottle and then ordered one but sadly, the one I received was a fake one. (And by fake, I mean it didn't have the same smell, consistency or effects) After that I decided to try this variant which had walnut oil and trust me, it was as if I'd struck gold. This serum was definitely better than the Streax Vita Gloss Serum. 
Streax Hair Serum Review!
 The packaging is quite unique. The serum comes with a pump dispenser which allows you to get a generous amount of product. One or two pumps of the product are enough to cover your hair. You really don't need more than that. You can also twist open the bottle and use the remainder of the serum or even reuse the bottle to store your favorite hair oil. This is my second time using the same packaging and apart from losing the cap, I haven't faced any issues with the dispenser. You can carry it around without worrying about the product leaking. 
Streax Hair Serum Review!

The serum is translucent. It has the consistency of oil and it smells absolutely DIVINE. It has a floral and fruity fragrance to it which instantly reminds me of spring. The consistency is perfect. It's non-sticky and nobody would ever know that you have serum on your hair. 

It makes your hair luscious, smooth and supple. I love how bouncy and full of life my hair look after applying it. It definitely helps you to get rid of tangles and frizz within minutes. 

The smell stays on for a very long time. It keeps your hair frizz free for a whole day. You'd have to reapply it when you head out the next time. 
Streax Hair Serum Review!
  1. Makes the hair lively and bouncy.
  2. Perfect consistency. 
  3. Easy to apply. 
  4. Smells amazing.
  5. Pocket-friendly. 
  6. Travel-friendly. 
  7. Pump-dispenser is super handy. 
  8. Works well to reduce frizz and tangled hair. 
  9. Easily available in pharmacies, local cosmetic stores and websites. 
CONS: None!



You can never go wrong with the Streax Hair Serum. To be honest, I consider this my holy grail product. It smells amazing, it makes your hair smooth and bouncy, it removes frizz and it even helps you to comb your hair easily. To top it off, it's super affordable and easily available in the market. 


I highly recommend trying it out. It's perfect for those who have frizzy hair. 

Your Beauty Fanatic!    

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