Got Rid Of The Problem That Stopped My Baby from Playing!

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Judging by the title of this post, I'm sure you all have already guessed what's keeping me away from the blog. Well, when you have two notorious yet completely adorable kids, that's exactly what happens. After looking at a couple of pharmacies and trying out different things, I was becoming restless watching my baby suffer so much. I finally found Nasivion Nasal Drops and I'm so glad I did. Read on to know how it worked for me and my munchkins!
Got Rid Of The Problem That Stopped My Baby from Playing!


Newchic.com 4th Anniversary Sale!

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   Newchic, a leading cross-border online fashion retailer, is celebrating its 4th anniversary since its launch. The outlet has amazing offers for customers during the celebration period.  You can log onto Newchic’s website to see the amazing offers lined up for you. Newchic’s 4th-anniversary celebrations have been divided into three parts, running from July 27th to August 11th 2018. It's raining sales on their website. Don't forget to visit and make the most of the exciting offers.
Newchic.com 4th Anniversary Sale!


Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches!

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   There have been crazy new launches everywhere. In between this Nykaa wasn't left behind. Nykaa is my favourite beauty place to shop, when they launched their first matte liquid lipsticks and invited me for their launch, I was very much excited and shared all about it on my instagram stories. They launched 10 shades and I have got 4 shades to try from them. Are they upto the mark of perfect liquid lipsticks? Are they matte and long lasting? Read on to know my views about it.
Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks Review!


Wellness Forever: Your One Stop Destination for Health & Wellness Products Online!

Pharmacies have been around for a long time and they are always the preferred option when some is looking out for ‘medicine home delivery near me’ kind of option. Though, they are the always the first point for access to medicines; with the advent of mobile and rapid speed of digitization, consumers no longer have to depend on their neighborhood chemists since online pharmacies are accessible 24/7 and medicines can be purchased on the click of a button.


How to Choose Hair Bundles with Lace Closure for Black GIrls!

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   If you’re looking for Brazilian virgin hair, you will no doubt want to chose bundles with the most realistic look. The best way to achieve a realistic look with your Brazilian weave bundles is through a lace closure. Let’s take a closer look at why a lace closure is recommended for unprocessed virgin hair bundles, and how you can choose the right one for you.
Hair Bundle with Lace Closure!


Vedic Collection Tatha Lip Balm Melon Review!

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   I love lipsticks a lot. They just add colour to your face and perk it up. I love the way how they drastically change the look and these days matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks are in hype. To achieve that perfect pout, I always need to take care of my lips by using lip scrubs, lip balms etc. My search for a perfect lip balms never ends. I always try new lip balms every time. I just love how perfect base they make for liquid or matte lipsticks and I don't need to worry about those chapped, dry lips any more now. One such lip balm in my vanity presently is now Vedic Collection Tatha Lip Balm Melon. Does it work as fancy as it's name, scroll down to know more.

Vedic Collection Tatha Lip Balm Melon Review!


Opulence Hair Extensions - Best Thing To Touch Your Head!

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   Opulence focuses on creating both synthetic and natural extensions that can make you appear your very best. There are many variations to select from and you're sure to enjoy all of them. Natural hair which is used to create natural extensions are introduced to the organization from various areas in India. It's there that locks are removed included in a ceremony so it's continues to be well looked after by the pack leader that increased it. It's cleaned, checked completely, after which inspected prior to it being processed to accomplish your hair extensions that you could purchase.
Opulence Hair Extension!