Mamaearth Anti-Mosquitoes/Mosquitoes Repellent Range Review!

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   Have a kid or a niece/nephew who is a mosquito magnet? High five. There was one day I came back from work and hugged my kids only to see their hands and legs covered in mosquito bites and as much as I was shocked, they were itching all over. I have been searching the solu4for this and came across below products. Today I'll be reviewing the entire range Mamaearth Anti-Mosquitoes/Mosquitoes Repellent Range for you all. If you have a kid or a nephew or niece or even if you're a mosquito magnet yourself, keep reading to know my thoughts!
Mamaearth Anti-Mosquitoes/Mosquitoes Repellent Range Review!


NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia Review!

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How are you all doing? Previously, I talked about several beginner-friendly products in the budget series. Today, on my testing table, I have yet another budget-friendly lipstick from a prominent brand. It is definitely one of the products with the most hyped up reviews. To see for myself, I'll be reviewing the NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia. 
Keep reading to know my thoughts on the same.
NY Bae Super Matte Lipstick in Poetic Patricia Review!


Things To Consider About Finance Before Getting Married!

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   Marriage is the most difficult part of one's life. It's almost like juggling balls all the time. If you lose focus, you lose a ball. It's similar with marriage, if you don't plan your expenses and splurge your money on things you can't afford, chances are that you're going to face a financial crisis. I'm a very indecisive person when it comes to buying stuff, but I do remember to keep a fixed budget in mind. Today's post is going to be about Things To Consider About Finance Before Getting Married! Let's jump right into it. 
Couple deciding whether to sell life insurance policy
Things to consider about Finance before getting married!


Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On in Shade 506 Review!

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   I am having a blast today experimenting with different kinds of makeup. During my recent shopping spree, I splurged all my money on makeup and got one of the products I wanted to try for a long time. It is the Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On in Shade 506. You all know the drill. I'll be reviewing it today for you all, keep reading to know my thoughts.
Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On in Shade 506 Review!


Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit Review!

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After a long day at work, your skin gets so dull because it is exposed to the harsh pollutants and dust particles in the air. Moreover, those who are on their feet nearly all the time find it hard to take care of their skin. Visiting a salon or a parlor can be very expensive and keeping in mind that you'd need to spend hours of your valuable time, it's better to save that money and spend it on a self-facial kit. I came across the Astaberry facial kits a while ago. They come in a number of variants. To pamper my skin, I got their Astaberry Diamond Facial Kit. Today I'll be reviewing it for you all. Let's see how it works! 
Astraberry Diamond Facial Kit Review!


Glutone with Escor Z - A Must Have Skin Lightening Regime for Every Bride!

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   I have dealt with makeup uptil now but it doesn't suffice sometimes, because you can't wear in it everytime. Having a glass skin is every girls dream, especially brides. I remember been a bride I was so anxious to have best skin on my D day and trust me I tried every skin care possible. I wished someone has introduced me to this amazing product that time. I don't want to leave you alone on your big day. So here I am to ward off all your worries with the Glutone 1000 Tablets with Escor Z Combo product review which is loaded with Glutathione which is master antioxidant and best skin lightening agent. So keep all your stress at bay and continue reading further to know more about this miraculous product.


Vatenn Italy 18 HR Kissproof Liquid Lipsticks Review & Swatches!(21 Shades)

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   You know how I'm obsessed with Lipsticks. And liquid lipsticks, you know you've seen plenty of them on the blog. Vatenn Italy 18 HR Kissproof Lipsticks are the newly launched liquid lipsticks which come with excellent pigmentation and several colors to choose from, making them your go-to makeup weapon. I’ve decided to post a review of most of the shades and post the swatches here on the blog. Seriously. I've tried wearing them with a bare face and trust me, you need to get them. Before I get ahead of myself, let's get into the review.
Vatenn Italy 18HR Kissproof Liquid Lipsticks Review &Swatches!